Little Munchkins GEAR - Milk
Little Munchkins GEAR - Milk
Little Munchkins GEAR - Milk

Little Munchkins GEAR - Milk

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"The Rolls-Royce of baby clothes..."

* YOUR BABY DESERVES THE BEST * Meet the Little Munchkins GEAR! Aimed at babywearing babies so they can be cofy and cozy in their wrap. Little Munchkins Gear spans over a wide age range as its meant to be worn slouchy. Be prepared to roll the sleeves and legs up if you're buying for the lower end of the size. Good news is, it will last longer too!!

"Slouchy & in great prints, you'll wish they did these sets in adult sizes. We do!"
  • Printed in China with the softest water based inks
  • Soft waistband at top for extra comfort
  • Cuffs on legs
  • Snug fit with extra stretch
  • Soft Cotton Jersey blend
  • Don’t tumble dry
  • Machine wash at 30 degrees

Let them have fun + play in this long sleeved tee & comfy pants set. Featuring the slogan Milk De Le Milk on the tee and acorns on the pants, this set is snug-fitting - no riding up here- and also has a soft waistband for extra stretch on those milk bellies. Perfect.

Little Munchkins Market is dedicated to providing top quality baby products that are safe and comfortable for your little ones, but also safe. We only use the highest quality materials and we stand behind every product we make with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If our GEAR does not meet your needs or expectations in any way, we'll replace or refund your order, no questions asked.

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What do I get inside my Little Munchkins Baby Wrap??

  • FREE Standard Delivery (3-5 working days) OR FAST next day delivery (extra small cost)
  • EASY to use instruction booklet - which also give you baby wearing safety advice!
  • A Little Munchkins Baby Wrap
  • A handy travel drawstring bag

Why should I use a Little Munchkins Baby Wrap??

When baby's are born, they come out into the BIG WIDE world and the only thing that comforted them was the womb! Baby wearing is "a womb with a view" great as it mimics the same motions so settles baby super easy. Not only does it help caregivers with having free hands so you can do other activities - it calms baby down and keeps them happy knowing they are safe and secure which helps the bond with the wearer.

Here are another few great reasons to use our baby wrap:

1) ❤️ COMMUNICATE : Baby-wearing helps you and your baby to communicate with each other. 
2) ⭐️ CONVENIENT : Wearing a baby is convenient for wearer and baby. It saves you money and when you walk into a baby group and you don’t know anybody, it’s always good to have some kind of talking point – everyone loves a baby wrap. 
3) 👶🏿 DEVELOPMENT : Helps promote physical & early language development. Babies learn by watching faces, and babywearing puts your little one at "the best seat in the house.". 
4) 👶🏼 BONDING : Strengthens the bond between caregiver and baby. High needs babies often won’t tolerate being held by anybody other than their mamas, but very few of them can resist sleep when tucked into a comfy wrap. 
5) ❤ FEEDING : Allows breastfeeding to be done on the go, and discreetly too, if you like to be covered up. And as an added bonus, breastmilk production is boosted with close contact with baby. 
6) ⭐️ EXERCISE : Wearing a newborn is a gentle way to exercise as you move around your home or neighbourhood. Strengthening your muscles and improving your posture. 
7) 👶🏾 CRYING PREVENTION : Research by Hunziker and Barr (1986) found that babies who were worn regularly cried 43% less, and 54% less during the evening hours. 
8) 👶🏻 GOOD SLEEP : Many babies nap better and for longer when being carried in a wrap. Many parents also report that their baby’s night-time sleep improves when they start carrying them in a wrap during the day – Monkey’s certainly did! 
9) ❤️ SIBLINGS : Babywearing leaves you hands-free to chase after older siblings, tidy up, hold hands in the street and give big cuddles. 
10) ⭐️ EASY!! : It’s way easier than lugging a pushchair around. Don’t get me wrong, I love my pushchair and it comes in very handy sometimes – but getting on public transport is so much easier with a wrap. And with our really handy instructions, it's super simple to put on.